Whether applying for SSDI or SSI disability benefits, an attorney always handles each stage of the claim with the client. This includes not only the initial application stages, but work history and function reports, as well as preparing the client for his or her hearing.


The reason we are so dedicated to our clients at each stage of the process is that most cases must go to the hearing stage before benefits can be awarded. When the claim is handled from the very beginning, there is a close relationship between the attorney and the client and a better representation can be made at his or her hearing to explain to the Adminstrative Law Judge what conditions limit the client's ability to work.

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We represent clients throughout the United States who either need to initially file for their Social Security disability benefits or have been denied at one of the various stages throughout the process.


If your severe mental or physical condition is expected to cause you to be out of work for 12 months or more, then our firm can help you at the intitial stages of applying for benefits or at your hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.


For most of our cases, we represent Claimants at the beginning of their disability application to give them the best possible representation to ensure the best chance of receiving benefits.


The process of being determined disabled is very complicated. There is a strict five step determination the Social Security Adminstration uses to determine whether or not a person is disabled by their standards. It is very important that anyone filing for disability understand these rules when applying. 


We offer legal representation to help people understand what it means to satisfy such requirements and attempt to give them the best chances of success. 

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No Longer Accepting Clients


I am in the process of closing my law practice, and will only be representing existing clients until their Social Security disability hearing.

I am no longer accepting new clients and in the process of permanently retiring from the practice of law.



Proposed Social Security Disability cuts could leave a vulnerable population at risk


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