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Filing For Social Security Disability Benefits Due to Multiple Sclerosis

Depending upon what type of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) a person has, may have an impact on when and if he or she can qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Many people are affected by this debilitating disease, but how they are affected determines when and if they may be able to qualify for benefits. While some are minimally affected, other experience a rapid progression to being totally disabled. Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) is by far the most common. A person with this type of MS will have very defined periods of acute attacks followed a period of recovery. Many who are diagnosed with this disease start out in this attack v. recovery course until the disease progresses further. Again, there are other types of MS such as Primary Progressive (PPMS), Secondary-Progressive (SPMS), and Progressive-Relapsing (PRMS), etc. The point here, is how do these various types of MS have an effect on a person's ability to work and perhaps qualifying for Social Security disability benefits? First, look at a person's symptoms. If there is imbalance and being uncoordinated when attempting to walk or stand, then this may have a significant impact on a person's ability to perform basic work activities. Tremors are also another sign of the severity of this disease and it can be argued that the loss of the ability of a person's hands further diminishes the availability of work a person may be able to perform. Second, there are the mental impairments this disease often causes. Disorganization of thoughts or mental functioning is common. Many people experience difficulty dealing with numbers as a result. Therefore, the lack of ability to continuously organize thoughts could be another argument as to why a person could not do even sedentary work. Third, there is the issue with vision. As this disease progresses, blindness in one eye is often common and visual limitations such as double vision are present in the other. Of course, taking into consideration the other physical limitations listed above that a person may have in regards to being able to work, the loss of vision may be an additional argument for being considered disabled. Finally, one of the common symptoms all claimants state as a result of this disease is fatigue. By and far, given the issues with walking and attempting to think properly can be severely taxing upon anyone. Thus, when describing any symptoms associated with this disease, be sure and properly describe how fatigue effects a person's ability to work and perform simple daily activities. Part of the reason why so many people suffering from MS have difficulty qualifying for Social Security disability benefits is because this disease affects those under the age of 50. Therefore, there must be a showing that he or she is incapable of working a wide range of jobs within a sedentary category. This is the reason why it also so important to show how this disease affects a person's ability to walk or stand, timely and accurately process information, see properly out of both eyes, and not be overwhelmed by fatigue.

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