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Who Has The Best Chance Of Receiving Social Security Disability?

Sadly, not all claims for Social Security disability benefits are the same, and not all claimants are either.

In fact, there are certain criteria which increases the odds for winning a disability claim.

If you want to know who is the perfect candidate, I can describe him or her to a "T."

Let's just call him Fred.

Fred is 60 years old. He has less than a high school education, and he has worked at unskilled labor his entire life. He has physical impairments of diabetes, neuropathy in his hands and feet, a severe back condition, and uses a cane to ambulate on a regular basis (with a prescription for the cane from his doctor). Further, due to his back condition, he cannot bend over. -That is just about the most perfect person to be able to receive disability benefits.

So, what if you don't even come close to being Fred? What if you are around the age of 30, you have some college, and you only have mental impairments? -What can you do to win your case?

First, get your doctor involved. Even if you can only afford a county hospital, then at least be going to seek treatment once every three to four months. This is true even if you have some type of impairment that cannot be fixed right now. When reviewing your case, Social Security has a very stringent standard. The Administration states that no matter how sincere you state your condition keeps you from being able to work, without medical evidence to back-up your claim, your case cannot be approved.

Did you notice what I said? -Not medical records, but medical evidence. They are the same, but also different. Medical evidence shows a finding as to your condition. It does not say you cannot be fixed or your condition is going to get worse or you will get better. What medical evidence shows is that you actually do have the condition you say you have and it reveals limitations which in turn show why you are unable to work.

If it was me, this is what I would do:

"Doctor Bob, thank you for seeing me today. Doc, I have had to file for Social Security disability because my back and my arthritis in my hands has become too severe. Can you please take a look at me, run some tests, and documents in my medical records that you see that I have trouble walking uprights, standing for longer than 10 minutes at a time, I can only sit for about 30 minutes, and I'm unable to hold things in either hand or use them to write or type."

See what this just did? -For any type of employment, you are going to need to stand, walk, sit, and use your hands. These records now show limitations in regards to what type of work you can possibly do. Now, while these limitations will not automatically rule out all jobs within the national economy, it's a start. And, for most people, they do not even have this much information in their medical records, which leaves the Social Security Administration guessing as to what a person is able to do and not do.

So, getting back to you not being Fred. Well, guess what? Almost no one is. This is why your medical records, which creates medical evidence for your case, is so vital to winning your disability claim.

We help claimants throughout Texas and California fighting for their Social Security disability benefits. You can always reach us at: (888) 78090-9125.

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