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A Severe Impairment Does Not Mean You Are Disabled Under Social Security Disability Rules

I hate starting off like this, but all too many times Claimants seek Social Security disability benefits and they fight the system for a year or more to find out the Social Security Administration does not consider them disabled.

Here is a scenario:

Let's just call him Fred.

Fred was in a car accident a few years back and it was pretty serious. He injured his back (three herniated discs), he injured his neck and his left knee. He did not file for Social Security disability at that time. In fact, his condition became better through physical therapy. Then, Fred fell down a flight of stairs and broke his left arm and collarbone. Now, Fred wants to file for disability.

There are a number of factors to determine whether or not Fred will qualify for Social Security disability benefits. But suffice it say, Fred needs to ask himself a couple of questions before waiting two years to have a hearing:

1. Can Fred sit at some kind of job for two hours at a time and a total of six hours a day?

2. Once his broken arm and collarbone are healed, is he going to be able to use his hands at work?

3. Can he stand or walk for a total of two hours a day?

4. How much weight can Fred actually lift?

5. Is he able to drive and go to the grocery store?

6. Does he prepare his own meals, even simple ones?

These are the kinds of questions Fred needs to be asking before he decides to file for Social Security disability benefits. It is imperative that not only Fred, but anyone else for that matter, understand what it means to have a severe enough impairment which will interrupt a person's ability to perform basic work activities. If there is such an impairments or impairments, then the case is not automatically won, but you are at least getting closer.

If Fred is under the age of 45, and he has a high school education or more, and he learned skills from past work which he can apply to some other type of job, even with his severe impairments, he still may not be awarded Social Security disability benefits.

It is also important to understand that even with a severe condition, there are other factors taken into consideration when deciding if a person is disabled.

We hope this helps. If you need to file for Social Security disability benefits, we represent claimants throughout Texas and California. You may always call our office at: (888) 780-9125.

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