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Time Is Sometimes Your Friend When Filing For Social Security Disability Benefits

Actually, I never stop being surprised with my cases. Ones that I know for sure are going to be approved, usually will be. Others that are not so strong at the time in which I filed for my client, sometimes become very strong as the months (and even years) go by.

You see, you don't actually have very many advantages when it comes to applying for Social Security disability. However, if you do have a severe condition that keeps you from working but you do not have strong medical evidence to back up your allegations, then you will definitely have time to gather better records.

So, two thoughts come to mind:

1. How does one "gather better medical evidence?" Easy, go to a low-cost clinic or your county hospital or your doctor to keep seeking treatment. You need to be doing this at least once every three months. If you can continue doing so, it helps your chances of being approved.

2. How does time really help your case? Well, if you do not have strong medical evidence, then it is very likely you are going to have to attend a hearing in front of a judge. If that's you, then it will take at least one year after your final appeal to have your hearing. That gives you a pretty long time to find the right doctor, have some tests, etc., before your hearing.

Now, for those of you who do not have the resources for additional medical treatment or the money to not receive benefits for that amount of time, then time is definitely your friend. Many people are in this position, and there really isn't much one can do about it. But, even if you have to get free or low-cost medical care, you still need to go to the doctor.

Without sufficient medical records to back-up your allegations that you are unable to work due to your severe condition, you will likely not win your case. Best to think of it this way, do you want to spend the better part of two years of your life fighting for Social Security disability benefits only to be denied? Or, would you rather win your case, knowing you were going to have to endure this amount of time no matter what?

We help Claimants throughout Texas and California fighting for their Social Security disability benefits. You are always free to contact us at: (888) 780-9125.

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