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Social Security Disability: What to Expect if You're Under the Age of 50

Under the age of 50, and feel like you need to file for Social Security disability?

You better be in it for the long haul (usually). If you are under the age of 50, it is much more difficult to be approved for Social Security disability benefits.

Why is this?

First, Social Security has rules set up to help those over the age of 50. The Administration recognizes that as we age, it's harder to find another job. Older workers require more money, they are usually less trained in other areas or industries, move slower, call in sick more often, and are off task more than their younger co-workers. Plus, they have more difficulty transferring their learned skills to other types of work.

Don't believe me? How many times has a person over the age of 50 asked someone younger to help them with their iphone, laptop, or television? Modern processes within work environments and new technology tends to pass us all up as we age.

Where those over the age of 50 fail at their attempt to obtain disability benefits is when there are transferable work-skills. Those skills are such as: computer skills, communication skills, the ability to read and follow detailed information, clerical skills, management skills, etc. These skills are acquired through years of work at semi or skilled work. It is not uncommon for a person to work within a specific industry and climb to the level of skilled work, even if they started out at the bottom unskilled. It's quite simple, the longer you do something, the more proficient you become at it and the ability to master a skill becomes obtainable.

If you are over the age of 50, and you believe you posses skills you have learned from past semi-skilled or skilled work, then you will likely have to show you are unable to perform any work within the national economy due to your physical and/or mental impairments. In other words, the hurdle to overcome an approval for disability benefits is basically raised to that of someone under the age of 50. That's why someone who has worked at unskilled hard labor for most of their life are much more likely to be approved for benefits than someone the same age who has been promoted and learned skills as they have worked.

Now, back to those under the age of 50.

The Administration assumes you are capable of at least performing some type of work, even if it is unskilled. You're young enough to transfer any of your past learned skills to other types of work. It's easier for you to find another job due to your age. So, if you're under the age of 50, then the bar is set higher to show you are incapable of working at any type of work at all. You basically have to show you can't even do a sit-down unskilled job on a full-time basis. -That's pretty difficult to do.

We help claimants throughout the United States fighting for their Social Security disability benefits. If you need to discuss your case, please feel free to contact us at: (888) 780-9125.

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