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Social Security Disability Hearings During COVID-19

From March 16, 2020, and moving forward, the Social Security Administration has announced that there will be no in-person hearings until the COVID-19 scare has passed.

If you have an attorney, the best thing you can do at this time is to contact his or her office and make arrangements for your upcoming hearing.

For my own clients, most are now coming to my office and we are together conducting a hearing over the phone with the presiding judge.

This accommodation to continue the hearings, while at the same time ensure SSA employee safety, may continue for some time.

This is not the best of situations for claimants, but it was a necessary step. Many times, an in-person presentation of the claimant's case allows the judge to visually inspect the claimant's condition. This often leads to a better result, i.e. favorable decision rather than a denial. However, in times such as these, I believe all claimants would rather that their case be heard rather than an indefinite delay.

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