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Social Security Hearings Continue Despite COVID-19 Epidemic

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has shut down just about the entire economy and government offices. To say things have been difficult, concerning resolving disability cases and issues with the Social Security Administration, is an understatement.

However, the Social Administration is still moving forward with all hearings.

Now, all hearings are being conducted via telephonically with the Administrative Law Judge, the attorney, and the claimant.

What this means, is that claimants will be allowed to stay home and testify on the phone before the judge appointed to hear his or her case. For the most part, this accommodation has been running smoothly.

What this also means, is that claimants will not see further delays in their case.

If you do have a hearing pending, it's okay to feel certain you will have a chance to adjudicate your disability claim within a reasonable time.

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