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Are you ready for your Social Security disability hearing?

For all those who do not have an attorney:

  1. Make absolutely sure all your medical records are up to date. It is now your responsibility to make sure your electronic file is complete. -This is the single biggest mistake people make when representing themselves.

  2. Read all your medical records. Find diagnoses and doctor assessments that back up your claims and point them out to the judge.

  3. Be able to explain how your impairments limit your ability to work.

  4. Don't just say what everyone else says..."I can't sit too long...I can't stand too long." The judge has heard all that a million times (or more). Be very specific when telling her, I can sit for "this amount of time, I can stand this amount of time, I can walk this far," etc. Then be able to tell her what happens after doing so.

  5. Read what SSA has said about your case and why the Administration denied you. Then, tell the judge why you disagree with SSA's decision.

Do all this, and you'll have a much better chance of being approved. Don't be a mouse, stand up for yourself. The judge can't eat you. You can't go to jail. All anyone can say to you is, "No." Be vocal, but respectful. If you're a jerk because it took two years for you to have a hearing and you're really pissed, it's not the judge's fault, and you're only increasing your chances of being denied.

But, if you decide you need any attorney, I'll help: (888) 780-9125.

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