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Completing paperwork is half the battle for Social Security disability

It's rare for people to call SSA and schedule a day and time to file a disability claim over the phone with an SSA representative. In fact, it's kinda dumb unless you're not computer efficient or you do not have access to a computer. The online application is even easy enough to complete on any smart phone.

But, even if you do file your disability case electronically, that is just the beginning.

So, what happens next?

Once your disability case is filed, SSA will generate a computer print-out summary of what you told them. Look that over, and make sure there are no mistakes. If everything is correct, then sign the "Internet Application Summary" and mail it back to the SSA field office.

Next, SSA will provide you with form SSA-827, which is an authorization to allow them to retrieve your medical records.

There is also a form to allow SSA to pull your employment history. You gotta sign and date this one as well.

This will then get your case going.

Next, your case will be transferred to a case manager to handle all aspects of your disability claim. He or she will send you a couple of reports that you must complete and send back. In some states, the inability or refusal to complete these reports will equal an automatic denial of your case. In other states, SSA will still take into consideration only your medical records, but these reports really improve your chances of success.

If your medical records fail to establish a disabling condition on their own, then you will be required to attend a doctor's appointment of SSA's choosing. You must attend this appointment. In every state, your refusal to do so, will result in a denial of your claim because your medical records were insufficient to make a decision on their own.

If you need to discuss your case further, please give me a call at: (888) 780-9125.

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