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Don't take 'No' for an answer when filing for Social Security disability

We'll make this one short and sweet today.

Here was a past case (and for ethics reasons not indicative of future results):

Had a client, he was denied and denied again. We filed for a hearing. He was denied at the hearing. We appealed the ALJ's decision and won the appeal. The case went back again to the same judge and the case was then denied again.

We waited 60 days and filed a brand new case.

He was approved.


Because, SSA may quote the law to you over and over, but in the end it's a real human being deciding whether to award disability benefits. Same set of rules for the guy above, but two or more different people looing at the same medical records and applying the same law. One said no, and the other said yes.

The moral to this may be told no many many times and may never receive Social Security disability. But sometimes, when you know you can't work, you ignore the no's and you keep pressing forward, and sometimes you finally get approved.

If you have been told no, let me look at your case: (888) 780-9125.

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