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Drop Your Cane and Grab Your Pain! -Social Security disability and the use of assistive devices.

If you have to use a cane, walker, or wheel chair...You're chances of being approved improves. I realize it's a really crappy thing to say, but if you have to use one of these devices....THAT'S GREAT! IT MEANS IT REALLY HELPS YOUR CASE!

But, we all know anyone would rather choose to be completely independent rather than have to walk around on crutches full-time or relying on a cane.

But, in life, everything is relative. So, to say it's really good to have to use an assistive device, you have to put it in the context in which the words were said. Yes, everyone wants you to be independent and work. But, if you're gonna be disabled, you need to be the best disabled. Ya get me? As former U.S. President Trump would say, "The Best!"

So, what can a prescription for a cane or walker do for a client?

If it's legitimate, then it will automatically reduce the claimant to sedentary work.

You can go back and read all my previous blogs to understand the division of exertions of work. We don't have time to explain all that here. But, suffice it say, if you have a cane or walker, you're certainly not going to be walking or standing the majority of the day. In fact, you're going to need to be sitting.

Okay, are you getting it now? If you have to use a cane or walker, then it means you have to have a job that allows you to sit all day. It basically removes any job where you would have to stand or walk the majority of the day.

So, according to SSA rules, if you are over the age of 55 and you can only do a job where you sit all day and you don't have any other skills that would allow you to do some type of job like this, then you're likely going to be approved. If, you have some other impairments that also restrict your ability to work and you are age 50, along with the requirement that you sit most of the day, then you can also get approved as well. If you are younger than 50, well then this continues to help your case.

But hey, listen to me. Don't just ask the doctor for a prescription for a cane. That doesn't work anymore. Tell the doctor to incorporate the need for a cane into you medical records. That way it's legit, and SSA has to take it into consideration.

When I graduated from law school at age 41 (worked full-time and put myself through school after going completely broke and needing a new career), I taught myself Social Security disability law. I learned everything I'm telling you now on my own. I'm not saying I'm a great attorney, but I am a pretty darn good Social Security disability attorney. If you need to speak to me, call me at: (888) 780-9125 or even my mobile at: (817) 296-2758.

I'll try not to steer you wrong and could possibly even win your case. I'm a pretty good disability attorney. Ethics does not allow me to say, "I'm the best disability attorney in America!" -I can't say that. But, I win some cases here or there, and I truly care for my clients. You're already living in a pretty shitty world right now if you're broke and you can't work. You certainly don't need an asshole attorney making your life that much worse. I at least promise not to be an asshole.

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