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Getting older for once is a good thing when it comes to Social Security disability

If you're joints ache, and you just can't get around like you used to. That would actually help your case if you were filing for Social Security disability.

Here's the thing, the Social Security Administration (SSA) understands that as workers get older, their ability to maintain the same physical and mental exertion levels at jobs they did when younger becomes harder. This is why people who do file for Social Security disability at ages 50 and older get approved so much easier.

In regards to the physical requirements for various jobs, in certain cases, workers over the age of 50 will still get approved even if they could still possibly meet the demands of that kind of work. One of the reasons for this, is that people 50 and older are often not hired because they have too many sick days, they need to go to the doctor more, and will obviously not stay at a job as long as a 25 year-old would. Therefore, this is one of the reasons for the much higher approval rates.

It gets even better for people over 55. Here, even mental capabilities to perform other kinds of jobs are also taken into consideration. If SSA believes that a person over the age of 55 can still work at some kind of job, that different work has to be close enough that there would be little to no adjustment (mentally). It's almost impossible to do. The reason for this is because SSA recognizes that as people age, they are not as up to date with technology, for example. The world tends to pass us by mentally as we get older.

To make this very simple, take a person that is 25 years-old and a person that is 56 years-old. They both have the same medical conditions. Your 56 year-old claimant will always have a much higher percentage of being approved than his or her 25 year-old counterpart.

The rules are the rules. They may not be fair, but they're still the rules.

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