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If you need to file for Social Security disability, then file already...

Before I started practicing in this area of law, I had no idea the disability system even existed. It wasn't until I was already out of law school and looking for a practice area that I stumbled across this huge body of law associated with the Social Security Administration.

That being said, I have made some observations I would like to share with you:

First, people often wait too long to file for Social Security disability benefits. In fact, some wait so long that they run out of work credits and can no longer qualify for SSDI. Many, because of their assets will not qualify for SSI either, so they are eventually shut out of the disability system. Call it a hope of one day returning to work or embarrassment for having to ask for help, but if the need is there, you should really do it.

Second, I have seen many clients file for early retirement instead of filing for Social Security disability. When you are 62 years-old and above, you should always file for disability first if you are unable to work any longer. SSA has many rules that make it easier for older workers to qualify for benefits.

Third, I have seen most people not understand the Social Security disability system and the nuances each program contains. It literally costs nothing if your case is not approved, so why would you not want to hire an experienced disability attorney to help you get through the system. It could be a matter of being approved and being denied. A Social Security disability attorney can only charge a percentage of your back-pay and does not have anything to do with your monthly payments. It's worth the cost.

Finally, I see many that give up after their first or second denial. You have to keep at this thing for a while sometimes. I have had many clients that have been denied multiple times and are finally approved.

If you need help call me: (888) 780-9125.

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