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Signs it is finally time to file for Social Security disability:

There are two really big problems with the Social Security disability system:

  1. It has tons of fraud. There are so many people receiving benefits that have defrauded the system. This hurts so many people that need benefits and are unable to receive them. SSA has to be skeptical of everyone claiming a disability or the fraud will only get worse.

  2. The second problem, is that so many people use Social Security disability benefits as unemployment. Rather than seeking temporary employment benefits and looking for other work, they file for Social Security disability in order to escape the workforce. This too, gums up the system and prolongs the ability to receive an approval.

Don't be one of these persons.

But, what are the signs that you should file?

  1. You are unable to do basic work activities for 8 hours per day and 5 days per week. You cannot sit, stand, walk, kneel, stoop, and lift as required for any kind of job within the national economy. -This is one of the most important signs that your body is breaking down physically and you need to file for benefits.

  2. On the mental side, if you are having several periods of severe anxiety, depression, etc. each year, then you may need to take some time for yourself and get better. These are called periods of "decompensation," and should be taken seriously. It's important you get medical help. This also means, that you may not be fit to work around others for awhile.

  3. You are above the age of 55 and you have a severe medical condition that limits you to only certain types of work. -This one can get a little tricky, and not everyone can qualify, but a quick chat with a really good Social Security disability attorney (like me) could get you some answers.

  4. You are any age and you have a very serious disease. SSA has definitions called Medical Listings that identify if a illness is so severe, a person should be awarded benefits. If you fit within one of these definitions, and you satisfy other qualifiers, then you would be able to take a break from working for awhile and attempt to recover.

If you need help with your Social Security disability claim, we can do that. Call me anytime at: (888) 780-9125.

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