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Wait..Don't file for early retirement just yet!

Unable to work and between 62 and 64 years old?

Don't just file for early retirement. Do it after you have filed for Social Security disability.

If you file for disability first, then you can file for early retirement while you await a decision ion your disability claim and start receiving income. But, there's a catch.

If you file for disability first and then file for early retirement, you can actually receive both. Which means, you can have more monthly income.

But, if you file for disability and then file for early retirement and you are denied on your disability claim, then you are stuck at your early retirement income.

So, as you can see, there is a carrot and a stick.

Do it this way...

You're 62 years old, for arguments sake, First, file for Social Security disability and await a decision. Try and hold out from filing for early retirement, if you can. I understand you may really need income, but try. Only as a last resort should you file for early retirement while awaiting a decision on your disability case.

Now, let's say you filed for early retirement first.

This is what you have to do: You are going to have to go back and prove you were disabled prior to filing for retirement. Which means, you're going to have to have stellar medical records showing a disabling condition prior to filing for early retirement.

If you need a disability attorney, you can always call me at: (888) 780-9125.

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