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Why sometimes you really do have to file for Social Security disability....just don't screw it up.

The obvious number one reason is that you can no longer work. And, by the way, this means you cannot work at any single job imaginable in sufficient numbers in the national economy. It does not mean that you can't work at a job you used to work at. -Gotta get that straight. It literally means that if SSA believes there are a number of jobs you will still be able to do even despite your mental or physical disabilities (impairments), you will likely lose your disability case.

But, you could talk about the above issue for months and months. It has a lot of moving parts to it.

The other reason (and there are many but I'm just speaking about this one today) is if you are close to retirement age and you think you may just have to file for early retirement because you can no longer work.

This is very important. First, file for disability and see what happens.

There is a really good side to filing for disability at this time. First, it possibly freezes your earning years and this time without any income will not count against you in retirement if you are approved. That's huge, because if approved, your retirement check will not be less.

Second, if you file for disability first and you get approved, then file for early retirement, SSA will combine the two and you'll possibly receive more money each month.

Now, here's the downside: If you file for disability and then file for early retirement and you don't get disability. Well then, you're basically stuck at the money early retirement gives you. In other words, you can't un-ring that bell.

So, in other words, be sure and don't screw this up.

If you do need some guidance form a Social Security disability attorney, call me at: (888) 780-9125.

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