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Why would anyone want to file for Social Security disability?

To be real honest, if you are under the age of 50, you better really have something wrong with you or a combination of a lot of really bad impairments.

One of the steps in determining if someone is disabled, is that his or her condition must be severe. Anyone who is reading this, if anyone ever does and I'm only doing this for SEO points to my website, is going to say to themselves, "Oh yeah, my condition is definitely severe."

Well, good luck. Because for most of you, your condition is not severe enough to receive Social Security disability benefits.

In order to satisfy the severity requirement, your condition has to be expected to last at least for 12 months. And, it has to severely impair your ability to do basic work activities.

Basic work activities are things like: standing, walking, stooping, getting along with supervisors and co-workers, following directions, climbing, being able to use one's hands, etc. You get my point.

The discrepancy and if you haven't noticed it yet is, the part that states your impairment has to severely impair your ability to do basic work activities. 100 people could look at your impairments and you could get 100 different answers as to how they believe your impairments impact your ability to work. This is why so many people have to file over and over again for disability. Because it depends on who is looking at your case and deciding your fate.

I'll give you a good example...I had a client. He was denied by the judge at a hearing. I appealed the case and the denial was overturned. She reheard the case and denied it again. I waited 60 days and refiled the case for him. He was almost immediately approved.

Get my point? Nothing changed for this guy in 60 days. It was that someone who wasn't such a ridiculous hard-ass, looked at his case and determined that his impairments satisfied the rules.

Go figure. If you actually do need help with your disability case, call me: (888) 780-9125. Muchas gracias!

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