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Why you should contact the Texas Workforce Commission before filing for Social Security disability

If you believe you can't work, but you would rather be working, you may want to try this.

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) looks at a person's disability and attempts to help them find work that is suitable to their limitations. A lot of people (most people) don't know this.

For example, if a person is bipolar and has trouble working with others, TWC will help him or her find work where they can limit their time interacting with co-workers or supervisors or even the general public.

For persons with other limitations, TWC often tests them to determine their strengths and weaknesses to find compatible work.

If there is any chance of you being able to work, but you're having a difficult time finding something to accommodate your limitations, I would advise giving TWC a call. It could really change your future (and improve it at the same time). It could keep you off disability, but it could also keep you from losing your home, going broke, having your car repossessed, all the time while being denied and fighting your way through the system.

There is also some other intangible benefits as well.

There have been numerous times when I have been in court representing a claimant. The judge will look at the report issued by TWC and apply those limitations. If TWC has found that no work would be available, then the judge takes that into serious consideration when rendering his or her verdict.

So, let's say, for example, you are bipolar and you also have degenerative disc disease and carpal tunnel syndrome. You go to TWC to receive help looking for a job. TWC determines that there is no work you could possibly do on a full-time basis. You file for Social Security disability and you are denied twice. You appeal your case and at your hearing, you show the report to the judge. -You have just made a huge step forward in earning your benefits.

When I represent people before SSA (and it's the only kind of law I practice) I'm always looking for that smoking gun that will put the case to bed and get my client approved. Something like the report I have noted above, would go a long way in helping my own client's case. It's like having great x-rays or an MRI to prove conclusively that my client has the limitations he or she alleges.

Give it a try...What in the world do you have to lose?

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