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Your Social Security disability case may NOT suck, and no one has told you yet

This is Part 2 of whether your Social Security disability case sucks or not....

So, for argument's sake, let's just say you really can't work due to a physical or mental impairment.

But, The Social Security Administration keeps denying your case. You go to a hearing, and you get denied. You refile your case, and you go back to another hearing after being denied two more time, and then you're denied again.

By now, you're thinking there is no way you will ever get approved for your disability benefits. And, you may be correct.

But, also ask yourself a few of these questions and if one or more of the answers would possibly get you approved, then you may want to consider trying your luck one more time.

P.S. I had a client I filed three times for. We actually went to three different hearings. It took three years to get her approved. But, I digress too much and should return back to these questions I want you to ask yourself.

Let's start with this one: Have you turned 50 years-old or 55 yet? If you have, then just by doing that, you may win your case.

How about, has your condition become more severe since you first filed? If it has, and you have the documentation/medical records to prove it, you may then be able to win your case.

Next, have you finally been able to go see a specialist for your condition? If this is the case, then the doctor can run more tests to show your disability or the fact that he or she is a specialist in his or her field, could have more weight with the judge who hears your case.

Have you finally been able to start getting regular medical treatment? If you have, then you may have the records to finally show why you have not been able to work.

Have you had any recent hospitalizations? -This too could make for a stronger case.

Have you had any tests that finally show how severe your condition is?

As you can see, you may be actually getting closer to winning your case than you though you were. If you need some help, call me: (888) 780-9125. I've been practicing Social Security disability law for awhile now, and I'm here to help.

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